System Integration■
A system for measuring measurement items (brightness and so forth through Voltage, Current, and Photodiode) and their lifetime in intervals of set time, while supplying power to multiple (32 Channel) OLED panel stably.

- Sets up output at 1mV /1mV unit to 32 channeled test cell

- Sets up diverse output mode of power supply (Simulation)

- Sets up per-channel measurement time

- Individual and collective set-up for power supply

- CMD editing for CAN communication

- Measures voltage and current

- Acquisition and storage of BMS data

- Analyses graph based on stored data

OLED Life Time Test system Guide Download
Stable power supply to battery cells through connection with VuPower and recording and analysis of measurement items for voltage, current simulation, and BMS
D.C Tester(Source Meter) and A,C Tester(LCR Meter) via PC Device Test System that inspects product via remote control and sorts out products by interlocking with handler on the basis of the aforesaid inspection result.

- Setting inspection condition

- BIN setting

- Setting the measuring time

- Test calibration setting

- Save and load condition settings

- Data retrieval and storage

- Save data and BIN count